Web Based Call Center

Web-based call center is a call center that uses Internet to process, perform or receive calls and use other digital communication channels. In most cases, this term means cloud-based call center that is located in the cloud, and less popular and more expensive on-premises call center solution that requires you to purchase, set up and maintain all the call center infrastructure. 

Email Management:

Through Email management a high volume email enquiries can be handled. This tool can easily track the incoming messages and provides an auto reply to the customer. This way both an agent and customer come to know about the message availability. You can also set email campaigns to follow-up or reach out to your clients. 

Web Chat:

This is the best way to get connected with the customer. Chat provides an uninterrupted communication between agents and customers. Chat provides a means for customers to obtain answers to questions or resolve customer service issues without having to disconnect from the Internet or use a phone. Chat allows your customer to stay online and still have contact with an agent, by way of real-time, one-on-one chat sessions. Web chat is integrated on your website to be easily accessible for any website visitor. 

Form Sharing:

Form sharing services assist the customer to fill the form easily. Form sharing allows the agent and customer to share the same form at the same time. It may happen sometime that customer gets confused about the appropriate data to enter into the form, at that time agent can assist by taking over the typing to complete and submit the form for the customer.


E-commerce capability includes shopping cart, credit card processing, audio and video delivery, FAQs, search, email management, fulfillment, connectivity and database support. This is all supported in a highly secure environment, using industry standard SSL encryption for all transactions.

With effort of some VoIP service proivders, today it is possible to connect the VoIP router into the existing central phone box. And we can connect every phone at home and office with VoIP. Though, this service is banned in some countries, yest most countris have legalized it. Major VoIP service providers are rushng their VoIP services to the countries where the VoIP has been legalized.

Apart from above mentioned services web based services also include the web based transactional processing.