Predictive Dialers

Have you ever wondered how telemarketers can hit so many phone numbers in so little time? It’s simple … they use devices known as predictive dialers.

What is Predictive Dialer?

Predictive dialers are computer based dialing system that automatically places outbound calls via database interaction. Through Predictive Dialers the pre-loaded list of number can be dialed systematically.

Predictive Dialers also detects answering machines and voicemail devices and can deliver pre-recorded messages. It can easily detect busy signals and disconnected numbers, and updates contact management automatically with live agent interaction.

There is a vast difference between Predictive Dialers and other types of AutoDialers as predictive dialers allow live agents to interact with clients and update all important information related to their particular client. Not only this it also set callbacks, reminders, deliver emails and faxes, and perform 3rd party verification and recordings.

Predictive Dialers are the most valuable marketing tool available today for Customer Relationship Management. In a simple way, predictive dialers can be defined as a computerized way of making connection with multiple agents. Predictive dialers have more outbound lines to dial as compared to normal phone system. This is the fastest way of communication.

A predictive dialer uses a complex mathematical formula to calculate the average phone call length, average number of rings before a customer picks up the phone, percentage of dialed phone calls that are answered, average length of talk time on each phone call, number of telemarketers using the system, desired abandonment rate. (This is the percentage of people you will not have a live telemarketer available)

Features & Benefits:

There are numerous features and benefits of predictive dialers, including the fastest dialing speed and also the highest response rate in comparison to other outbound dialers.

Preview Dialer, Progressive (or Power) Dialer:

Predictive dialers come with preview and progressive (also called power) dialing modes. The progressive dialer enables an agent to view a record for a preconfigured amount of time before the dialer launches the call. Through predictive dialers the agent can view the record about to be called.

Progressive dialing are most effective in Business to Business (B2B) campaigns where you are certain virtually every call will be answered by a live person or an auto attendant. Progressive dialing gives the agent a chance to see who they are calling next and how to navigate an auto-attendant IVR but still enables far more efficient dialing than typical manual dialing by keeping your agents busy and not allowing them to waste time reviewing records. Power dialer can also drop voicemails and it will never cause dropped calls, while Predictive dialer can do so if configured in the wrong way. 

Preview Dialing is similar to progressive dialing although the control is placed entirely in the agents hands. After a call is submitted, a new record is immediately presented to the agent. The agent can choose to place a call to the current record when they are ready, or reject the call to receive the next lead. But the main feature of Preview dialer is an option for agent to see customer card with all customer data (previous interactions, purchases, etc.) before each call, as well as choose whether to call the next prospect or no. 

Flexible Custom Script Building:

This is one of the features of predictive dialing that can be utilized for creating call scripts . in conjunction with HTMLbased scripting in the same agent interface or to use each format individually on a per campaign basis. Additionally, script building utility includes many advanced features like automated triggers, data validation, and real-time write or read fields to outside databases, quota control and more. These features are extremely beneficial to all customers and clearly differentiate advanced custom script building engine. Its flexibility, customizability and ability to link to outside databases are unique features in the contact center software industry.