Power dialer

What is a power dialer?

The power dialer is one of the auto-dialing modes that has been extremely popular since its development in the 1970s. Its main feature is the ability to work correctly with only one agent involved at a time, which means it doesn’t need so many human resources as a predictive dialer. It works simply: calls one phone number at a time and starts calling another only when the agent is free, which means the agent is involved neither in the call nor in after-call work. As with all other auto-dialers, when this system reaches out to a busy, unattended or disconnected call, it immediately starts dialing another phone number and puts this unsuccessful call to a queue for redialing. 

If the call is successful and the call receiver answers the call, it is immediately connected to the agent. If there is an answering machine or voicemail, the agent can leave a voicemail message or decide to go for another call. 

Power dialer provides much more productivity than manual dialing, at least because it is almost totally automated – the only thing that is done manually is after-call work. All the time that is saved is used for taking to real customers, which means that the conversion rate is increased, as well as the contact rate. Moreover, you can integrate the power dialer with CRM software to provide personalized service during your outbound calling campaigns. 

If compare the power dialer to its nearest competitors, such as predictive dialer, you have to take into account that the power dialer isn’t designed for cold calls. Its main purpose is to process warm calls or outbound campaigns that use contact lists of current customers. 

Frequently asked questions

How does a power dialer work?

Power dialer, unlike Predictive dialer, calls phone numbers from the list one by one, initiating a call only when agent is free. Thus, power dialer is a bit slower than Predictive dialing mode, but it never causes dropped calls and requires only one agent for calling. 

What is ‘wait time’ in a power dialer?

Wait time is a time frame between the end of a previous call to a moment when a new call is initiated. Wait time can be set manually in accordance with agent’s needs, so agent can look at the customer card before each call or get enough time to complete the after call work.