Call center management

For full functioning of a call center requires an effective management system. It allows to debug the processes, to work out the system of quality of services, to introduce the list of demanded services, to integrate an effective system of increasing motivation of employees and many other things. Management is important for relevant structures of both types (internal services, external outsourcing contractors). Sometimes, depending on the planned activities, external managers may need to be involved. For a better understanding of how it all happens and what does managing a call center mean, our service specialists have prepared a thematic material.

Why is the call center management system so important?

Any commercial structure (especially internal profile service of the company), is built depending on the chosen methodology and management structure. Given the peculiarities of the activity and functions performed, this kind of service is impossible to imagine without a strict hierarchy. So, as usual, such an entity is headed by a director (chief administrator), to whom supervisors, marketing specialists, technical service and other personnel are subordinate. Supervisors, in their turn, manage the work of the involved operators. In the absence of a well-developed system, corporate quality standards and interaction between employees, one cannot count on a well-functioning system. Managerial management involves general control over the functioning of the subject, and the development of a development plan and the achievement of the indicators laid down in it. In addition, it is important to comply with the norms and standards of quality of services in the industry. In Europe, for example, this is the regional standard EN15838. You can get acquainted with it on the official website of the European Committee for Standardization. Belarusian norms and rules should be applied on a mandatory basis. Without proper management, it is impossible to imagine an effective software and hardware environment, the installation and debugging of which is carried out by external professionals. By the way, experts offering services on installation and configuration of Asterisk computer telephony software system are ready to provide appropriate services: quickly and qualitatively.

Professional management in call center

The system mentioned in the previous paragraph allows you to effectively carry out operational and comprehensive (including remote) control of all major business processes. You can monitor the work of operators, supervisors, current indicators, immediately making adjustments. When developing a management system, it is necessary to provide in advance for the possibility of analyzing complex data, records of conversations, use of multimedia functions and various communication channels. It is mandatory that the management system should include team meetings (flyers, trainings, seminars, professional development).

Basically, call center management is based on five areas:

  • hardware and technical complex;
  • human resource (personnel)
  • administrative part;
  • business processes;
  • technical service.

The first part is the selection of premises, equipment and software to be used. In the process of hiring full-time (and external) staff, it is critical to develop a competent selection system. The administrative part involves hierarchy, staffing, job descriptions, handling of business issues, remuneration and many other related aspects. Business processes are handled by the top management of the structure with the participation of the head, as well as accountants/economists. There is a possibility to create an internal specialized service for technical maintenance.

The head center and branches

In the case of a branched structure of the company, providing for the presence of offices and branches, it is necessary to work out the commutation between the elements and the center. In this regard, much attention is paid to the choice of optimal gateways, broadband Internet access, the choice of common communication channels. The choice of a suitable hardware and software complex allows you to count on effective interaction of subdivisions, as well as the introduction of modern management mechanisms.

Call center operations management

The highest standard of automation of business processes refers to the operations automation, which mean that some of processes that were previously managed and handled by human employees are now automated. In a call center, you can automate many processes – from collecting and analyzing data to servicing customers – modern conversational AI tools are much more capable when it comes to service quality than old IVRs and chatbots, but even without AI tools, a call center can still provide automated self-service options. Moreover, most call centers use automated data collection systems and data analyzing tools that provides managers with deep insight into call center operating and helps to make informed decisions.

Call center team management

Effective call center management requires call center managers to manage contact centers team effectively, as contact center performance depends only on team performance, and agent performance individually. Effective call center management measuring is impossible without using specific metrics and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and without setting performance goals for both call center supervisors, call center managers, and call center agents. 

Successful call center management works the same for outbound call center and inbound call center, excluding some unique contact center management strategies and contact center management techniques that may differ depending on call center type. Also, number of digital channels integrated may determine some specific KPIs, but most of them are universal – Average Handle Time, Average Wait Time, Average Time in a Queue, Average Answer Speed, Customer Satisfaction Scores, Customer Loyalty, and other call center metrics for measuring efficiency of handling incoming calls and other contact center operations.