Call center KPIs: all you have to know

KPI call center and its efficiency are determined on the basis of a number of designated indicators. Regardless of the type of structure (internal, external) and its focus (receiving requests, telemarketing), they are generally similar. Within the framework of customer satisfaction, it is important to analyze the percentage of received and missed calls, their duration, as well as the possible scores given by subscribers at the end of the call. Operational efficiency allows you to optimize the degree of operator workload, to determine the average duration of a call. Work with personnel reduces the degree of staff “turnover”, and detailed accounting of business value allows to retain partners and customers. All these and other influential criteria are outlined in the thematic article prepared by service specialists.

What is KPI in call center?

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are performance goals set by call center managers to achieve within predetermined time frames. KPIs are measured by the specific call center metrics, so it is wrong to say that call center KPIs and call center metrics are synonymous. In other words, call center metrics are the tools to measure your progress on the path to achieving the call center KPIs. For example, call center KPI is “to reduce call abandonment rate by 20% in 3 month”, and call abandonment rate itself is a contact center metric. 

Why are call center KPIs essential?

KPIs are versatile criteria that are defined depending on a certain direction. Thus, for example, the work of operators or administrative staff can be evaluated directly. The subject of analysis can be the degree of customer satisfaction. Costs may be excessive. In this case, a detailed calculation with the search for items to optimize the expenditure part is required. In this regard, it is influential not only to organize the well-coordinated work of the department (service) competently, but also to approve the indicators by which a complex analysis can be carried out at the required time. Monitoring of the designated criteria (including in the process of the campaign) allows you to timely keep your finger on the pulse, promptly responding to these or those indicators and, if necessary, promptly making adjustments.

Key indicators of call center effectiveness

Competent researchers and practitioners around the world in the field of marketing are mainly inclined to a few main criteria of effectiveness of call centers and similar structures. Here are these metrics and briefly comment on each of them:

Financial cost: This refers to the cost of the entire business, as well as to individual items of expenditure. So, for example, upgrading and purchasing new expensive equipment can be exorbitant, as can constant bonus payments to employees and management.

Customer satisfaction: A high level of customer service is required. It is required to develop an internal corporate code that outlines the rules of information interaction with customers and partners. Low quality of service, dissatisfaction, long waiting lines, poor qualification of operators – all this and much more can lead to a significant outflow of customers.

Efficiency of business processes: Work must be done in a timely manner. It is unacceptable when the launched campaign “slows down” and the designated goals are unattainable. Analysis provides information on how critical processes are performing.

Staff performance: In order to maintain competency levels at an acceptable level, it is important to conduct periodic training and development activities. In addition, it is necessary to analyze the calls made and received. A call recording function is provided for this purpose. The presence of measures to increase motivation stimulate operators and other personnel to proper performance.

What to do with the revealed data within the framework of KPI?

The information obtained allows you to solve many existing problems. And many of them – without waiting until the critical moment. The above-mentioned groups of indicators display certain areas that add up to the overall picture. As a result, by bringing the indicators to an optimal state, you can expect an increase in the number of sales and a significant improvement in the company’s brand recognition.